Project Gallus
The ‘Gallus’ project was founded on audacity, innovation and the need to cultivate optimism in the field of creativity. One of the pivotal bastions of my creative research was to encapsulate and engender French creative know-how, by combining techniques and materials in an original way.
Tradition and modernity are in no way opposed, the bridge between the two worlds is obvious not only to let know the skills but also to Be.

It is around these reflections that I created “Gallus”, at the precise moment when I reached out to the traditional technique of porcelain for its art of fire and to body paint for its bright and aesthetic colors. ‘Meaning in action, I was born a second time‘.
This cockerel reignites national pride. It holds itself up with dignity, in pure, simple and flowing lines. It becomes timeless and its field of expression is infinite, like a white cinema canvas on which I can freely project my inspiration of the moment, my favorite theme or tell you a new story.
I interpret Gallus in different series, the common thread of the project is humanist, it is part of creative authenticity in the service of spontaneous emotion.

Gallus is here, to remind us, to believe above all in ourselves, to build on our strengths and what makes us unique, and to preserve the highest quality standards of craftsmanship that is so typical of the ‘Art of being French.’

And for you, what is the Art of Being French in the 21st century?

Your Gallus, a personalised project…

The Gallus project is above all apolitical (just in case), it is by its artistic symbol the megaphone of the most beautiful French and humanist values, the ambassador of our heritage and of a contemporary look at ourselves.

This is why, if you share my convictions and my values, we can discuss your project and create your Gallus together.

Each person, each entity is unique, your Gallus is unique!

I am at your disposal to understand your request and better serve your Gallus.