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  • Valiant and sensual

    Valiant and sensual

    This red brings together dynamism with passion to symbolize a bold character that is fun and playful.

  • Peaceful and vegetal

    Peaceful and vegetal

    This tone of green evokes nature and modernity. Its presence is obvious, its absence is a loss.

  • Amusing and poetic

    Amusing and poetic

    This tone of pink shows it has no equal. It dares to take on the mantel of being different, to embody the art of being unique and to assume it.

  • Solar and optimistic

    Solar and optimistic

    This tone of yellow shines on creativity with unbounded energy. It brings the essentials for a harmonious state of well-being.

  • Soft and free

    Soft and free

    This tone of blue is light, dignified and sober-reflecting an almost juvenile image of the world around us.

  • Stimulating and enduring

    Stimulating and enduring

    This orange tone coming directly from the sun symbolises vitality. Its rays of energy bring light daily.

  • Super Gallus Jaune

    Super Gallus Jaune

    2020 : Super Gallus appears bright yellow, bright like the sun. He assumes and shines with what he is.

  • Super Gallus Blanc

    Super Gallus Blanc

  • Coffret Coq'Arde

    Coffret Coq'Arde

    The Coffret Coq'Arde is sold in a limited edition of 1789 copies.

    We suggest you choose your number between 1 and 1789 depending on availability.

    Your coffret as well as the three roosters will then be engraved with the chosen number.

Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

Made in France

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