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All made in France with the utmost care for the environment

Like a return to the past, Emmanuel Oger took on the bet to do everything and have everything made in France, up to the very smallest detail, and to be surrounded by people who, like him, wanted to take up the challenge, but, with an eye on being environmentally friendly.
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Towards absolute quality

For its creator, quality cannot be compromised with, it is a result of strict choices. There is only one quality; absolute quality, which in itself bears products of exception.
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Bold, symbolic and developped with continuous progression in mind

Using new and innovative techniques that bring life to products of exception. Crossing innovation with tradition at the heart of new development. Accepting the impertinence of proposals that lead to the progression of audacious French creative knowhow.
Emmanuel Oger en plein travail

Sharing and patience

To share and build together for one sole objective; creation. Combining both a mastery of techniques and technology and exceptional craftsmanship for pioneering ideas. To accept the fact that bearing the fruits of ones work requires time, discipline and determination.
A true backbone of my vision, ‘Origine Excellence’ is my engagement towards perfection and unparalleled beauty.