« As French as the Revolution ! »
Coq'Arde illustration

Liberty, Egality, Fraternity.

Three words which are familiar to us all, like a chorus of a song that we know by heart. I hear them ringing in my mind, don’t you? Sometimes I’m afraid that this motto, so fundamental to our daily life, is overused or forgotten. This is where Coq’Arde questions. Liberty, Egality, Fraternity, isn’t it time to read them again to finally hear their true meaning?

« Origine Excellence » commitment - 100% hand crafted - 100% made in France.

Height 25 cm.
Porcelain, environmentally friendly enamel.
1789 sets of three, each numbered and indivually signed.
You can choose your number according to availability.

Box limited to 1789 copies, numbered and signed
Coq'Ardes en coffret
Coq'Arde bleue en coffret Coq'Arde blanche en coffret Coq'Arde rouge en coffret
Handmade box
Coffret en bois de loin Coffret en bois de près Logo Emmanuel Oger sur coffret en bois
Coffret Coq'Arde

Coffret Coq'Arde

The Coffret Coq'Arde is sold in a limited edition of 1789 copies.

We suggest you choose your number between 1 and 1789 depending on availability.

Your coffret as well as the three roosters will then be engraved with the chosen number.

Material : Porcelain biscuit, painting, ecological varnish.

Coffret with roosters : 14 kg.

Rooster : Height : 28 cm - Weight : 300 gr approximately

Guarantee : sold with certificate of authenticity

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