Emmanuel Oger
Emmanuel Oger à côté de Super Gallus
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A self-taught, I’m driven by my humanist convictions and an ongoing search for meaning. First, as an ‘entrepreneur,’ I brought to bear my professionalism, attention to detail and my high standards in the service of others, in events management for 20 years. Then, five years ago I decided to change my career and reinvent myself by becoming a creator of desirable, unique and artistic objects. I allowed my creative juices to flow, to express what I felt in my heart, to bring to life authenticity that I see as the most courageous of human liberties.

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Inspired on the way,I give birth to the ‘Gallus‘ project, with the deep desire to challenge you on this France of the 21st century. I offer you the revisit of a strong symbol, turned to a real look dedicated to the beautiful, the authentic and to excellence.

As a real catalyst, I surround myself and orchestrate the progress of the craftsmen, I learn and practice alongside them, relying on their expertise and the love of a job well done. Of those who constantly repeat the same gesture until reaching perfection. Of those who experiment, ready to challenge new paths of exploration or sassy proposals, to combine tradition and modernity to develop French know-how.

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I call this ‘Origine Excellence’, and for which I will make no concessions.

Gallus, the iconic french cockerel of the 21st century, embodies elegance and a revival in the pride of our French state of mind.

In my opinion, modernity is born from a tradition of impertinence, so I ask you :

Isn’t it the moment to assume one’s heritage, one’s know-how and one’s time, or quite simply the Art of Being French ?

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